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A Personal Coach Will:

  • Listen openly and actively
  • Ask discovery questions
  • Hold the space for you to do the thinking
  • Stay present with you
  • Start in the here and now your life
  • Strategize with you to uncover all of the options
  • Honor you
  • Respect that you have the answers
  • Abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics
  • Provide a confidential and trusting environment
  • Hold you accountable
*Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions Available in 30, 45, or 60 Minute Lengths and are Available on a Monthly Basis

Coaching is a collaborative partnership which accelerates personal or professional growth and development.
Coaching helps people to achieve their intentions on their own terms.
It helps individuals learn to spot any self-limiting behaviors and beliefs by shifting thinking or perspectives.
The coaching process includes a path of self-discovery, removing barriers, setting goals and being held accountable to true goals that align with personal values , so to live life to the fullest.
Through coaching, individuals receive a truly supportive partner, who will co-celebrate the achievements made along the way.

Coaching helps you to accomplish more, much more than you ever thought you could.


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