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About The Coach

I am frequently asked how I chose to enter the coaching profession and I usually reply that I didn’t choose coaching, coaching chose me. Like many healers currently serving people in holistic professions, I found myself at a pivotal point in my life. Having joyfully and successfully served in sales, marketing, promotions and advertising primarily in management positions ranging from fitness and weight loss to national, regional and local advertising sales and management, you could say I was ready for something more purposeful.

Without a plan for “what’s next” (not recommended) I resigned from my management position as marketing and sales director in the major/national account division of a group (82) daily and weekly newspapers in southeast Michigan and northern Ohio. They accepted my resignation and off I went. I had severance pay and vacation time due so I knew I had time to search for the right alignment of work. I took some time to remember what it was like to stay in my pajamas till 10:00 AM and the madness of daily deadlines and demands took their time and eventually did fade away.

Sue Birkam, Life Coach
Sue Birkham – Life Coach

I attended a work-shop on The Law of Attraction at a Unity church in my area. The six-week workshop was presented by a “life coach” and it was the first time I had ever heard of this profession —ever. After the workshop I waited in the parking lot to speak with the life coach. I was able to ask him about his profession—and he replied “it’s not what most people think”. Most people think that life coaching is about advice giving, but it’s really about listening at a very deep level among many other things.

Suddenly a light bulb went off and I realized that I had been a listener my whole life. Everywhere I would go complete strangers would tell me things about their life, feelings and situations. My family would often laugh as I would just pop into the convenience store for a pack of gum while they waited some 20 minutes while the clerk would have my attention. I was once followed by a guy in a video store from rack to rack as he told me about his very heart wrenching divorce.

After the encounter in the parking lot with the coach, I started researching the profession of life coaching and located a training program at Coach University Inc., a worldwide accredited training institution, later finding out that the program was developed by Thomas Leonard, the grandfather of the coaching profession. It was one of the most highly recognized programs.

I arranged to be trained in their program which was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Feeling very at home and then enamored with the coaching approach, I couldn’t wait to get my business started. That was 12 years ago.

Becoming a coach was the best idea I had ever. Today I am coaching individuals who want to achieve more in their life as well as using my business background to coach solo-entrepreneurs in the holistic and alternative fields. Having been healed by holistic means, giving a voice to those in the profession that put me on this path is rewarding and purpose driven and allows me to give back the gift I was given that put me on this track.

I am passionate about what I do, helping people find their voice whether it’s on a personal/ life level or in the business of healing others, for me it doesn’t get any better than that!