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All About You

The Print® Strategies survey is a comprehensive & accurate report likened to a fingerprint of the inner you.

The survey is an additional tool, offered as a packaged program which includes, a debrief, your Print® survey report, trigger report and coaching program surrounding the areas that you would like to improve upon. Other coaching packages without the use of Print® is also available.

Taking the Print® Survey as an incoming coaching client offers you an opportunity to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

You will learn your unique skills that can be applied to your best work / home life environment
You will operate from a position of greater understanding of your own behavior as well as others
You will discover ways to manage your behavior, to respond rather than react in your personal and professional life for greater life, career and relationship satisfaction
You will uncover your special gifts, those you strive for and the gifts you give to others
You will gain a greater understanding of your positive self traits, as well as the negative traits and through coaching the ability to observe your own behavior and what triggers you.

Client Testimonials

“The Print® survey is almost a mirror image of me, once I thought about my behavior in certain situations. It was very enlightening and an awesome tool to use to pinpoint what would spin me into negativity. It has made me much more aware of my behavior in situations that would usually end up negatively. Taking the survey and receiving the report brought a new awareness to behaviors that hold me back. Coaching through the results, I have made much progress in learning about these behaviors resulting in very positive outcomes. It is a wonderful tool!”
Pam B.

“Taking the Print® survey was easy and the results were very accurate. The report has helped me to become more aware of instances where my shadow personality begins to show. It has increased my awareness so I am more prepared to recognize and manage my shadow personality when it arises.”
Rick K.
Business Consultant

“The Print® survey results were amazing, I found the report to be dead-on accurate. I agreed with all of the positive attributes and believe the negative attributes were recognizable as complaints I have heard from my family and my wife in the past. My coach explained that we all have both positive and negative aspects to our personalities and the purpose of discovering both sides and how we use them is the key. I am working through many aspects of understanding how some of these traits are impacting my life.”
Fred B.

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