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Protecting your heart and spirit

Calm Waters Calm Life

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Today’s newsletter covers an important part of setting wider boundaries. To date the topic focus has been about boundaries that concern your time, your needed space and other infractions  imposed upon you by others.  There is yet another set of boundaries that relate to violations of your heart and spirit. Your heart and spirit are at the core of who you are and are worth protecting.

What are heart & spirit violations?

To put it plainly, heart and spirit violations are the things others say to you either intentionally, unintentionally or jokingly, that are said in an unloving and non supportive manner. Most people may not realize the hurtful things they say or do, but regardless of whether they set out to hurt you or not, the bottom line is they do.

Hurtful heart/spirit damages can range from others shutting you down to simply making you annoyed. When you have a lack of boundaries around these types of people and situations, regardless if  you think they have no effect, they do. Your subconscious mind records everything that has ever been said or done both positively and negatively. The recordings shape how you react, respond and feel about people, situations and yourself.

Spirit violations speak directly to your integrity or wholeness. When you establish spirit boundaries you decide what you will or won’t allow to affect your spirit’s well being.

Heart / Spiritual Violation’s Might Include:

Not accepting gossip from others

Not letting unaware people take up your space.

Not engaging in debates or trying to prove your point with others who don’t have a clue.

Not being in environments that damage or diminish your spirit.

People who verbally jab, remind or bring up the past in a joking or unintentional manner

Consider These heart boundary communication options:

“Please, stop. That’s hurtful”

“Ouch! Please apologize!”

“I am a very sensitive person, and I ask that you respect this about me and be careful what you say. I will do the same for you.”

Action Plan

Protecting your heart and spirit

1. List the five people or situations that are hurting you, even a little bit. On the opposite side of each person or situation you listed, write what you will say to them in the next three days, not waiting for a recurrence.

2. Protect your spirit boundaries by listing five boundaries that you feel good about drawing or extending. Next to those five new boundaries, write in the words or actions you will take when one of your new spirit boundaries is invaded.


Some options that are tried and true regarding the spirit violation such as gossiping include; when others are gossiping to you, make it a point not to join in. You might want to change the subject, say something positive about the person being gossiped about, or tell the initiator of the gossip that you are no longer engaging in gossip type conversations. You will notice by not participating others will learn to talk about something else.

How do you know you’ve created successful boundaries?

When you have successfully drawn or extended your boundaries for 30 days, and no one is violating them or when  you can quickly implement your boundary around a situation or person to “nip it in the bud”. Give your self credit for strengthening your personal foundation. You have successfully removed one of the most energy draining life zapping parts of your life.


Some content and action steps attributed to CoachU, Inc.

A worldwide coach training company.

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Next Week’s Topic: Raising your standards

Defining healthy boundaries

Freedom Life Coaching Company

Online Newsletter


This week’s focus is about boundaries. Defining what are healthy boundaries and the benefits you reap, including the respect of others will be explained here.

When you extend boundaries and do the work required, you attract similar people who have respect for themselves; among many other positive life enhancements.

What are Boundaries?

Having boundaries is the space extension you place around you to prevent needy or non-nourishing people and situations from entering your defined space so that you can spend your time fulfilling your needs, wants and desires. People and certain situations can either enhance or limit you. Boundaries are essential to becoming a healthy adult.

Make your boundaries huge:

Those who care and love you will understand if you make bigger boundaries and more boundaries than you think you need. You can always adjust them later. Be greedy and be strong. When you have big boundaries, eventually those boundaries become automatic. Your temperament will be more consistent. Others will test your boundaries; this is where being strong is important.


1. Understand that boundaries are essential for you.

2. Be willing to educate others on how to respect your new boundaries.

3. Be persistent but don’t punish others if they’ve forgotten your boundary. Just be persistent.

4. Make a list of 10 things that people may no longer do around you, do to you, or say to you.

5. Sit down with each person involved and share with him/her your process. Gain their agreement in honoring your new boundary.

6. Insist that every person in your life deliver their comments in positive ways. No more digs, make-funs, depreciating remarks, criticisms-no matter who or what the situation may be.

7. Create a four-step plan of action whenever someone violates your boundaries.

Example of a four step action:

a. Inform them of what they are doing.

b. Request that they stop immediately.

c. Demand that they stop.

d. Walk away without sarcasm or nasty get-even comments.

8. Make a list of 10 ways you are violating others’ boundaries.

9. Stop violating the boundaries on that list.

10. Reward & congratulate those who are respecting your boundaries.

Before you know it…

Your extended boundaries will attract people who have a similar respect for themselves. You will have more room in which to grow because you are not being drained or violated. You will have a consistent temperament. You will eliminate fears.

Next week’s online newsletter will cover the topic of finding solutions to establishing boundaries. Specific examples of relate-able boundary-less situations will be covered.

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Get your one big need met in 30 days

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company Newsletter

How to Identify & Satisfy

Your One Big Need in the Next 30 Days

As explained in the last newsletter posted, when you get your needs met you are happier, you attract positive people and opportunities instead of repelling them. This newsletter will focus on satisfying your one big need  in the next thirty days… becoming need-less.

Three steps to consider…

1. Reduce the need for the need. Having a  strong personal foundation, which has been the focus for the past several weekly  newsletter, will upgrade your life and systems so you need less of everything. Continue to work on the action steps that have been provided in the past newsletters to continue to upgrade your personal foundation while identifying you one big need.

2. Expose your need and set up an automatic system to get your need met. An automatic satisfaction system or ASS (I love that acronym) occurs without having to recreated it every time.  When you shamelessly ask for all that you need, you created the solution and the need itself diminishes, because you are exposing it.  You are including others in the exposing of the need and they become your support or partner in knowing exactly what you need. It’s no longer hidden but out in the open. This alone supports fixing your need, simply by bringing it out in the open. It’s difficult to get a secret need met.

3. a) If your need involves others, family, friends, co-workers and in getting your need met requires others to respond or react differently to you or your situation; you must admit your need and have a direct conversation about your specific need. Most people are very willing to meet your needs if you’re direct and responsible about it. It’s the covert or unconscious behavior that turns people off. Present your need in such a way that is is a strong request. An example of a strong request may sound something like this: ” I need time each day to myself, how can you support me in getting this time each day?”

3 b) If you have a need that depends solely on the actions, reactions and attitudes of others, you may need to review the need and discover alternative ways of meeting it. Do not depend on others solely to meet your needs. You find the system that will satisfy them by asking “what is would take for your full cooperation?”

Action Plan

1) Pick or identify the one need that would have the greatest impact for you if it became something you need-less of.

2) Remember, if your need involves others, automate, expose and make strong requests. Arrange to have a direct conversation.

3.) If you are having trouble identifying a need, ask a trusted family member or friend to tell you what it is that they thin you need most. Asking an observer who sees you and your time and energy drains can be very enlightening and provide a great way to begin to become need-less.

Please respond…

Your response and questions are always welcome. You may reply in the comment/ reply area at the bottom of this newsletter. You may also send me an email if you have questions . My contact information is available by visiting the contact page on this website.

Next week…

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Need less and have more


Freedom Life Coaching
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May your days be filled with sunshine and sand, barbecue and laughter. Everyone needs a little fun.

Becoming Need- less

Needs are what gives you fuel.

As a human being you are fueled by energy . The energy that fuels you can either come from healthy or unhealthy sources. Some examples of healthy sources of energy include; love, interactions with other healthy people, and even a higher power. Examples of unhealthy energy could include adrenaline (always waiting to the last moment), suffering and unmet needs.

Imagine your unhealthy needs as a vehicle puffing thick black smoke. The smoke is thick and black and pollutes the air that you breathe. Compare this to a sleek, highly efficient vehicle that burns  clean and is a vehicle consequence free which runs on solar power.

What do you need?

Sometimes we have difficulty identifying what are needs truly are. Needs can make you make mistakes, poor decisions enter relationships with other people that may or may not serve us in a healthy manner. When left unmet, needs can drive us to do things that we may not really want in pursuit of getting that need met.

The benefits of getting your needs met are helpful to you because you can now stop trying or pursue them. When you have your needs met your life can focus on your values and passions. Essentially you free up time and stop running in circles.

Here are a few steps that can assist in the process of getting your needs met. The following represents the teachings and suggestions from my trainers at Coach U, Inc.:

1. Identify as many needs as possible.

2. Ask a trusted friend what they see as your greatest needs. This is powerful and enlightening.

3. Identify you top 4 or 5 needs.

4. Know that needs can be fully satisfied or eliminated as a need.

5. Be selfish , think of it as a Selfish Automatic Sprinkler System.

6. Be prepared to educate others about your needs, especially if they are involved in satisfying those needs.

7. Understand the difference between neediness and needs satisfaction.

9. Other people cannot be responsible for meeting your needs.

10. Understand the difference between needs and fantasies, wants, desires and goals.

11. Learn to simplify and be satisfied with the perfect wholeness of the present.

Need-less tip: Once you choose a need from your list of needs ask yourself; is this need is a must for me to be my best? Tell the truth about what you actually need.

Ask and think about…

  • Do I understand the concept of needs and the driving force behind them?

  • What needs do I have in my life right now?

  • Have I explored the effects in my life of not getting my needs met, looking at the choices and decisions I have made or chosen not to make?

  • Am I clear or unclear as to how to meet my needs in a manner that actually begins to satisfy them?

Yes, its possible to become need-less. Part two of this topic will be posted next week. If you want to receive back issues, please send me an email and I will be happy to send them to you. Next week we will cover satisfying one Big need in the next thirty days.

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The Who of You

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company


Today we explore one of the fundamental personal foundations programs; the “who” of you. The focus in this newsletter will be on the component of “who”, to develop a stable core which is rooted in the personality of you. The” who” is continually growing and changing. The “who of you” is what others see as well.

The Who of You

The “who” part of you is understood as the real you, the core of who you are in reality, not in presentation of the “what”. The “who” often drives the “what”, but isn’t always consistent with it. The goal is to accomplish bringing the “who of you, “the what of you” and finally “the how” into alignment

As you move through personal development work, the “who “of you can grow and change along with that growth the personality is bound to change with it. All shifts and solutions begin with the “who”.

Restoring your integrity

Lesson one of eight parts of the”Who” begins with integrity. In your life integrity refers to your personal life system and whether it works easily and effortlessly or with struggle and strife. Without enough integrity we spend much of our time propping ourselves up.

When you are in integrity your life has fewer problems. You consistently carry with you a feeling of peace and well-being. You react to others very little, and decisions and choices are clear.

When you are out of integrity your life may look as if things are overwhelming. Disturbances are often occurring in your life. You may revert to blaming and criticizing others. You may be reacting rather than responding to others, and decisions and choices are fuzzy and unclear.

Begin by questioning…

How do I define integrity?  What area of my life is in integrity?

In what way is it not? How much integrity do I need?

Have my integrity changes over the last five years?

What happens if I don’t get enough integrity?

What happens when I do?

Consider this….

Being in integrity is a choice. It’s not necessarily about morals but about having the right amount of wholeness in your life. It’s not about comparing yourself to others, but about what is comfortable for you.

Integrity is restoring wholeness so that all the pieces of your life fit together easily and allow you to be the real you, the “who” of you.

Integrity is about how well your actions align with your core values and represent your purpose. You define your own integrity by developing the fit between your calling and your conduct.

Integrity isn’t about a state of living but a reflection of who you are in any moment and the dynamic relationship you maintain between your purpose and your path.

Integrity strives for these conditions to be present:

  • No unresolved matters

  • Alignment between actions and core values

  • Responsibility

Action Plan -5 steps

-Make a list of 10 ways you are not in integrity

-Get to the source of each and every item; resolve fully.

– Be committed to start living in integrity as you see it.

-Let go of at least 10 “should, coulds’, woulds’, ought, wills”

-Involve a coach or a strong able person to support you

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How to get rid of your to do list

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company’s Newsletter

The newsletter was delayed this week due to the 4th of July holiday. I hope yours was fantastic. As you celebrate freedom, this week’s topic is about that subject, freedom from your “to- do list”.

Is it possible to get rid of your to-do list?

The answer is yes, but it takes a little effort. Do you ever get completely through a to-do list, or does it continually keep expanding? Agreeably a to-do list is useful and helpful for work related issues, but your personal life does not need to revolve around a list of to-dos.

The task here is to eliminate your personal to-do list. You are probably thinking, in today’s world how could I possibly stop using a personal to-do list, in a world of black berry’s and day timers?

Today’s newsletter will reveal some helpful tips and suggestions to eliminate that ever growing list. The end result is to craft systems that handle these lists and then eliminate them forever.

Automate & think systems

For birthdays, dinners and social events, doctor visits, your children’s activities and the like, you want to automate. You can use a wall calendar, a birthday book, or your computer that sets reminders and emails you or calls you prior to important dates.

There are many inexpensive services that have been recently created, such as Send out Cards, an automated service that sends birthday greetings and more at a fraction of the cost of retail.

Outlook and many email systems offer calendars that when set, send you reminders of important appointments, meetings and offers task reminders.

When you think of something that you have to do, stop and ask yourself why you have to do it. Maybe you really don’t. Sometimes it involves picking something up, making a call, or doing a task, all of which can potentially be handled a different way, such as delegating.

Instead of waiting until a birthday or other special occasion is upon you, purchasing birthday cards and presents in batches, perhaps three times a year for the coming three months.

Online banking, automatic bill payment, locating a dry cleaner that delivers and picks up (they exist) are just some other list eliminating ideas.

Some of you may feel hiring someone to run errands; make calls and other tasks may not be in your financial grasp. If this is the case then you are under-earning. Use some of the time you will save in doing the personal errands to better your skills, job, pay and your life.

The best way to toss out your to-do list is to start living without it. Much of what you have on your list is great and ambitious stuff, but it runs you. You have come to rely on the list of to-dos. It’s far easier to set a system in place that you design than to allow for an ever-expanding list of demands that you have created.

Realize that to eliminate your to-do list may require some creativity. Eventually you will settle into a system that works for you without list making.


~ Take a few moments to think through how you usually accomplish the tasks on your to do list. Use your creativity and consider how can you do things differently?

~Write down some innovative ways you can toss the list and still do all you need to do, but without the burden

~Follow your new systems, and be flexible in using trial and error. Be willing to tweak your system when necessary.

~Systems once in place, work themselves. Think systems when creating a list free handling of your personal list of to-do’s.

Reward yourself and track your progress.

______I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to do list for 1 day

______ I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to do list for 1 week

_______ I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to-do list for 1 month.

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How to Eliminate Time Wasters

Welcome to FLC

Newsletter Page

How to Eliminate Time Wasters

“Summertime and the living is easy,” you may recognize these lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Porgy & Bess. I hope you are living easy. This week’s topic begins with one way to begin to live easier. As you simplify and strengthen your personal foundation, life does become easier.

I think you might agree that all of us receive the same allotment of time each day. None of us can claim we have more time than another. Time is fairly distributed. Albert Einstein wrote:  “Time was created so that everything doesn’t happen at once”. How we choose to spend our time is the determining factor on whether we live in a balanced or imbalanced way.

When you are thinking about time wasters, you may wish to take a good long look at all the things you have identified as goals, projects, commitments, relationships and desires. Taking a look at these goals and desires can help you to determine if they may be outdated, burdensome or no longer pay-off in anyway.

Yes, even those things you think you want, without closer examination can strain and drain you. The things you hang on to sometimes produce the opposite effect and become energy drains, masquerading as needs, goals and desires.

For example when identifying time wasters, take a look at outdated commitments such as continuing to volunteer for a cause when your original intention was to gain more business, might be one time waster worthy of eliminating. Especially if the commitment hasn’t produced the desired result.

Another example might be taking stock of the things you are working too hard at and re-examining the pay-off. If it the return isn’t there, you may wish to ask yourself why you would want to hang on to that goal, project or relationship?

By identifying and then eliminating those things that are just wasting your time and have no direct benefit to you, your life, your vision or your spirit; the pay off will be the freeing up of the space. Which will allow you to attract the things that when accessed will easily come to you. The attraction principle, can then operate fully.

Time wasters weigh you down. It’s difficult to fit in any new idea, new relationships business or otherwise in a life that you proclaim is too busy. The attraction principle works both ways, if you say you are too busy the universal law believes that you are too busy and thus you receive what you ask for. If your mindset is thinking that every single goal, commitment, relationship should be hard work, then it will be.

Instead simplify and create space to attract the things you really want. When you keep time wasters and a too full life, the attraction principle can’t work, there is no place in your life to put something new into it.

To be able to implement the elimination of time wasters, you must first identify them along with a solution. Creating a table like the one below may assist in clearly defining and then solving your time drains or time wasters.

Time Waster/Time Drain


Weekly Grocery Shopping

Shopping Monthly or Quarterly

A business networking group that isn’t bringing me any business

Survey my colleagues in my field for input on best way to obtain referrals. Quit my current networking group

Action Plan for Eliminating Time Wasters

1. Identify all the things you continue to hang on to that aren’t working, take up too much time and are not producing a pay-off.

2. List at least 12 time wasters, then determine a solution

3. Implement it now and free up your time to allow the attraction principle to move into the newly created free space.

4. Review the thought starters below to get your thoughts moving in the direction of elimination.

Thought Starters:

  • Hire a personal trainer to assist in weight or fitness goals

  • Partner with a committed friend to meet fitness goals

Seek support for any addictions

  • Hire or barter to get your home, business organized

  • Eliminate the goals that make you say “I should”


I am devoted to the forward movement of people so they may live the life they desire and deserve and live to their fullest potential.

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Dramatically Simplify Your Life Ten Steps Revealed

Time for swinging & smiling

Making time for swinging & smiling

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company’s Newsletter

Next week’s topic will be: Identifying Time Wasters


Dramatically simplify your life is the focus of this week’s newsletter. For several weeks, the topic focus has been taking a look at elements to your life that will strengthen your personal foundation. When our lives are too full or overly busy you lose the opportunity to have your own space.

The process of strengthening your foundation emphasizes the removal of tolerations’ including the ones that create a life that’s too busy. The information here helps to bring awareness to the areas of your life that if implemented will create the life you desire and deserve.

The Benefits to dramatically simplifying your life may include:

  • Re-engaging with your feelings, values, and your spirit (which were unavailable to you when your life was too busy).

  • Begin to make different choices, than the ones you made in a faster paced lifestyle

  • Discover a sense of space in which to grow, as well as having the peace to finally enjoy it.

Begin the process of simplification by asking yourself a few questions:

Do you frequently say my life is too busy?

Why have you chosen to overdo?

What are you creating with all of this busy-ness, and where are you going with the current lifestyle?

Is the future losing you the ability to be present right now?

What things might you be missing out on with yourself or others because of the current lifestyle choice?


There may be some withdrawal symptoms when you begin to simplify.

Expect a reaction from your systems when you begin to simplify. Things may start to break or break down. You will get confused, some people, and some opportunities will disappear. Things may appear to zigzag. You may even feel some physical reactions, (your body is reacting to the change of style and the slowing of your pace) .

Never Fear These symptoms will soon vanish.

Selecting your new pace

Dramatic simplification looks like this:  take a look at all of the commitments, goals, tasks, lists, projects and slash it by 50%. If you prefer, slash out 30% of your commitments. However, it’s recommended that you dramatically simplify giving yourself and others the message that you are on a new track. If you do this process gradually, you may not have the sustainability to carry it through to completion, be dramatic not gradual.


1. Know this is a major step. It will have major effects for you, are you ready?

2. Evaluate your current lifestyle honestly. Where is the clutter? What’s eating up your time, peace of mind, energy?

3. Make a list & judge the negative & positive values of your lifestyle.

4. What are you willing to let go of, both material & immaterial things?

5. How much busy-ness is composed of shoulds?

6.What are your current commitments, financially, business and family?

7. Make a list of habits, which of these drain you? Which add value?

8. Eliminate all tolerations’ (covered in an earlier newsletter)

9. Reorganize your schedule to increase your level of efficiency.

10. Analyze your current financial situation, you may be surprised at what you find you need or no longer need.


Here are a few Thought Starters…

~Leadership positions that you’ve taken on for service organizations (evaluate if they are draining you in an already full life)

~Volunteer positions that aren’t benefiting you in some way , you can redesign your participation.

~Home projects, fixing things.. You can hire or recruit help to get it done.

~Networking groups that aren’t working for you.

~Social commitments that no longer align with who you are now.

~Roles such as parenting your spouse, or others that you make take too seriously.

Simplifying your life will open new doors for you by creating space to make time for creating a life driven by your desires. It allows time to reconnect with your dreams, your idea of fun and will ultimately drive down stress for a healthier you.


Freedom Life Coaching Company is devoted to the forward movement of people who want to begin to live the life of their dreams. For those who are ready to discover more, much more than they thought they could, I have an opening for a new learner. To contact me visit the contact page on this website.

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Enjoy your week!

Create Ten Daily Habits to Enrich your Life

Butterflies are free


Welcome to

Freedom Life Coaching Company

Online Weekly Newsletter

Create 10 positive daily habits and dramatically improve your life!

This week we continue the journey of creating the life you most desire by strengthening your personal foundation. Remember, when you strengthen your life foundations, you build sustainable walls that serve to hold the life you deserve & want.

The focus for the week is about creating 10 daily habits. The second I think of habit’s I immediately think of bad habits, and not the good habits. Websters Dictionary definition of habit as an acquired pattern of behavior with frequent repetition. There were other definitions, but the bottom line is there weren’t any that were negative or bad.

The 10 daily habit programs are designed to focus on those things we wish to do, but we don’t seem to get around to doing.

When you set a focus on those things that you know will create the most positive change for you, the effects will be, more balance, more energy, more focus and a healthy positive routine.

To Set a positive daily habit program in motion you may want to begin with these key points:

  • Only choose habits you want to do

  • Choose habits that give you energy

  • Modify your habits as you wish, remaining flexible to change them if they turn out to be undesireable

Ask your self these questions :

1. What habits would enrich your experience in your life, each day?

2. What habits are constantly on your list, mentally or those you promised yourself that you don’t keep?

3. What habits have you had success at maintaining, and what influence has it had on your life overall?

Remember: There is no place for “shoulds’ or woulds'” in your 10 daily habit list. Design your list of habits that give you the greatest pleasure. The ones that you want to remember but have forgotten to do.

The most successful 10 Daily Habits are the ones that add to your well being or your energy increase. Maybe it’s about committing to reading each evening in place of reducing the TV time by two hours or you will decide to stop eating after 7:00 PM each evening.

This program suggests a 2:1 ratio of doing to stopping a habit, which has proven to have the best affect.

Keep in mind that you may want to fine tune your 10 daily habits that work best for you. You may find in a week or two that your original list revolves into something that makes more sense for you at this time of your life. Be flexible, knowing that sometimes when we begin our list we may not becoming from what we want to do, but from what we “should” do. Coming from a place of “should” is coming from someones perspective instead of your own.


>Keep your 10 Daily Habit list simple

>Create your list & make it a long one, with 20 or more ideas.

>Use the 2:1 ratio with adding new habits to dropping unserving habits

>Take your long list and narrow it down to 10

>Reward yourself for compliance.

>Create benchmarks for sticking to your 10 daily habit plan.

>Establish the reward in advance of implementing.

Example: I will take myself to my favorite restaurant after I’ve consistently met my 10 daily habit plan for the week.

>Then follow through on your reward, you deserve it

>Continue to setting the benchmarks until you have well established new life enriching habits, that you love to do.

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Getting Clear of the Past

A clearing
A clearing

Strengthening your Personal Foundation for a Solid life Experience!

This week’s newsletter will be focused on “Getting Clear of the Past” and resolving all of the unresolved matters in your life once and for all. When you get clear of the past you will soar into the present.

The coaching model that I have trained to provide, doesn’t deal in the past circumstances of your life as a therapist might do. As a coach, I do ask if there are unresolved matters or circumstances that might get in the way of progress.

Unresolved matters are the things you are hanging on to that keep you from living the life you really want. For deep traumas and depression or any other mental illness, I would encourage you to seek counseling with a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Your unresolved blocks, may be simple to undo or complicated. They might deal with relationships that remain untended, unresolved money issues or poor health issues that you have denied yourself to resolve. Getting clear of these unresolved matters, will simplify, lift you up and propel you forward to the life of your dreams.

Thought Starters…

Perhaps there has been an integrity matter in your experience that wasn’t in alignment with your values.  Maybe you have a past circumstance where a relationship ended without closure and resolution or an argument that resulted in an alienated friendship. Whatever the past issue might be, one of the ways to strengthen your foundation placing you on firmer ground is to resolve it. When you get the past out of the way, you can clearly see the path to fulfilling the life you desire.

Past circumstances in your life can show up in so many ways, including how you react and respond to people and to yourself. Your subconscious mind acts like a tape recorder. It records everything you have ever experienced, every conversation both the kind and unkind things that people have said to you.

Your belief system and values are based on all that you have learned from parent’s, teachers, peers and family, anyone who has ever had any influence on your life. When  you hold onto the negative emotions surrounding the negative experiences, it can impede your progress.

Sometimes we hold onto unresolved matters, or negative situations because they serve us in some way. Ask yourself “How is holding on to  these unresolved matters adding to my life”? Yes even negative unresolved matters can juice us. We can be in a negative comfort zones.   When you take a look at the process of resolving the past, then recognizing it for what it clearly is… the past, you move quickly into the present.


Forgiving others for their past mistakes is part of getting clear. I’m not talking about major childhood trauma, or physical or deep mental wounds, those would be taken care of  best by a licensed counselor. What I”m talking about is things like, the grudge  you are holding on to against an employer who fired you, the friend who gossiped about you, the family member who borrowed money and never paid it back, you get the idea.

Now turn it around and forgive yourself; you who have fired someone unjustly, you who have gossiped about the friend, or you who have borrowed money and never paid it back. To forgive, you must first forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made. When you forgive yourself first, you are able to forgive others. When I reference forgiveness, I say to forgive, but don’t forget. There are lessons to be learned and to be reflected upon. Do forgive…

The Clean Sweep® Self Assessment

There are many techniques to use in getting clear of the past and resolving unfinished business. A tool that I use in my coaching practice is “Clean Sweep”. The Clean Sweep is a self assessment that looks at 4 areas of your life. It asks 25 questions per area that come from years of research in the coaching field . The assessment covers just about any one’s unresolved matters. If you see any that are missing you can add your own.

Each section provides a score and when added together give you a life score. Additionally the assessment  provides a way to track your progress, providing a chart to shade in your current score and room to shade in the additional areas, once you’ve resolved them.

Make the Clean Sweep® Assessment Fun

What’s amazing about completing the chart is you get an instant snapshot of the four areas of your life . The chart shows you a visual map of the areas that  might be a place of focus. You can complete the “Clean Sweep” program on your own, but working with a coach can help you plan strategy assist in resolving the past that you may not see objectively. You might also partner with a friend to have a competition of sorts, to improve your score by setting time benchmarks.

Getting Clear of the Past will liberate you from the ball & chain feeling you may sometimes carry.

You can obtain a free copy by requesting it from this website on the assessment page. An assessment and instructions will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.


1. Take the Clean Sweep® Assessment (in pencil)

2. Look at your score and chart the results. Choose one of the four areas that you see need attention first and that you can accomplish quickly, in a week to 10 days

3.Continue working the Clean Sweep, moving through the sections to increase your score. It could take 6 months to 1 year to increase your score to the optimum 95.

4. Make it fun. Find an accountability partner that you can compete with to increase your scores or hire a coach to hold you accountable and to help you plan a strategy.


As a coach I am committed to assisting  people live the life they desire. I currently have an opening for a new discoverer who desires and is willing to move quickly toward their goals. You can contact me by phone or email, information is on the contact page of this website.

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Till next week…