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Create Ten Daily Habits to Enrich your Life

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Create 10 positive daily habits and dramatically improve your life!

This week we continue the journey of creating the life you most desire by strengthening your personal foundation. Remember, when you strengthen your life foundations, you build sustainable walls that serve to hold the life you deserve & want.

The focus for the week is about creating 10 daily habits. The second I think of habit’s I immediately think of bad habits, and not the good habits. Websters Dictionary definition of habit as an acquired pattern of behavior with frequent repetition. There were other definitions, but the bottom line is there weren’t any that were negative or bad.

The 10 daily habit programs are designed to focus on those things we wish to do, but we don’t seem to get around to doing.

When you set a focus on those things that you know will create the most positive change for you, the effects will be, more balance, more energy, more focus and a healthy positive routine.

To Set a positive daily habit program in motion you may want to begin with these key points:

  • Only choose habits you want to do

  • Choose habits that give you energy

  • Modify your habits as you wish, remaining flexible to change them if they turn out to be undesireable

Ask your self these questions :

1. What habits would enrich your experience in your life, each day?

2. What habits are constantly on your list, mentally or those you promised yourself that you don’t keep?

3. What habits have you had success at maintaining, and what influence has it had on your life overall?

Remember: There is no place for “shoulds’ or woulds'” in your 10 daily habit list. Design your list of habits that give you the greatest pleasure. The ones that you want to remember but have forgotten to do.

The most successful 10 Daily Habits are the ones that add to your well being or your energy increase. Maybe it’s about committing to reading each evening in place of reducing the TV time by two hours or you will decide to stop eating after 7:00 PM each evening.

This program suggests a 2:1 ratio of doing to stopping a habit, which has proven to have the best affect.

Keep in mind that you may want to fine tune your 10 daily habits that work best for you. You may find in a week or two that your original list revolves into something that makes more sense for you at this time of your life. Be flexible, knowing that sometimes when we begin our list we may not becoming from what we want to do, but from what we “should” do. Coming from a place of “should” is coming from someones perspective instead of your own.


>Keep your 10 Daily Habit list simple

>Create your list & make it a long one, with 20 or more ideas.

>Use the 2:1 ratio with adding new habits to dropping unserving habits

>Take your long list and narrow it down to 10

>Reward yourself for compliance.

>Create benchmarks for sticking to your 10 daily habit plan.

>Establish the reward in advance of implementing.

Example: I will take myself to my favorite restaurant after I’ve consistently met my 10 daily habit plan for the week.

>Then follow through on your reward, you deserve it

>Continue to setting the benchmarks until you have well established new life enriching habits, that you love to do.

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