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Dramatically Simplify Your Life Ten Steps Revealed

Time for swinging & smiling

Making time for swinging & smiling

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company’s Newsletter

Next week’s topic will be: Identifying Time Wasters


Dramatically simplify your life is the focus of this week’s newsletter. For several weeks, the topic focus has been taking a look at elements to your life that will strengthen your personal foundation. When our lives are too full or overly busy you lose the opportunity to have your own space.

The process of strengthening your foundation emphasizes the removal of tolerations’ including the ones that create a life that’s too busy. The information here helps to bring awareness to the areas of your life that if implemented will create the life you desire and deserve.

The Benefits to dramatically simplifying your life may include:

  • Re-engaging with your feelings, values, and your spirit (which were unavailable to you when your life was too busy).

  • Begin to make different choices, than the ones you made in a faster paced lifestyle

  • Discover a sense of space in which to grow, as well as having the peace to finally enjoy it.

Begin the process of simplification by asking yourself a few questions:

Do you frequently say my life is too busy?

Why have you chosen to overdo?

What are you creating with all of this busy-ness, and where are you going with the current lifestyle?

Is the future losing you the ability to be present right now?

What things might you be missing out on with yourself or others because of the current lifestyle choice?


There may be some withdrawal symptoms when you begin to simplify.

Expect a reaction from your systems when you begin to simplify. Things may start to break or break down. You will get confused, some people, and some opportunities will disappear. Things may appear to zigzag. You may even feel some physical reactions, (your body is reacting to the change of style and the slowing of your pace) .

Never Fear These symptoms will soon vanish.

Selecting your new pace

Dramatic simplification looks like this:  take a look at all of the commitments, goals, tasks, lists, projects and slash it by 50%. If you prefer, slash out 30% of your commitments. However, it’s recommended that you dramatically simplify giving yourself and others the message that you are on a new track. If you do this process gradually, you may not have the sustainability to carry it through to completion, be dramatic not gradual.


1. Know this is a major step. It will have major effects for you, are you ready?

2. Evaluate your current lifestyle honestly. Where is the clutter? What’s eating up your time, peace of mind, energy?

3. Make a list & judge the negative & positive values of your lifestyle.

4. What are you willing to let go of, both material & immaterial things?

5. How much busy-ness is composed of shoulds?

6.What are your current commitments, financially, business and family?

7. Make a list of habits, which of these drain you? Which add value?

8. Eliminate all tolerations’ (covered in an earlier newsletter)

9. Reorganize your schedule to increase your level of efficiency.

10. Analyze your current financial situation, you may be surprised at what you find you need or no longer need.


Here are a few Thought Starters…

~Leadership positions that you’ve taken on for service organizations (evaluate if they are draining you in an already full life)

~Volunteer positions that aren’t benefiting you in some way , you can redesign your participation.

~Home projects, fixing things.. You can hire or recruit help to get it done.

~Networking groups that aren’t working for you.

~Social commitments that no longer align with who you are now.

~Roles such as parenting your spouse, or others that you make take too seriously.

Simplifying your life will open new doors for you by creating space to make time for creating a life driven by your desires. It allows time to reconnect with your dreams, your idea of fun and will ultimately drive down stress for a healthier you.


Freedom Life Coaching Company is devoted to the forward movement of people who want to begin to live the life of their dreams. For those who are ready to discover more, much more than they thought they could, I have an opening for a new learner. To contact me visit the contact page on this website.

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Enjoy your week!

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