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Getting Clear of the Past

A clearing
A clearing

Strengthening your Personal Foundation for a Solid life Experience!

This week’s newsletter will be focused on “Getting Clear of the Past” and resolving all of the unresolved matters in your life once and for all. When you get clear of the past you will soar into the present.

The coaching model that I have trained to provide, doesn’t deal in the past circumstances of your life as a therapist might do. As a coach, I do ask if there are unresolved matters or circumstances that might get in the way of progress.

Unresolved matters are the things you are hanging on to that keep you from living the life you really want. For deep traumas and depression or any other mental illness, I would encourage you to seek counseling with a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Your unresolved blocks, may be simple to undo or complicated. They might deal with relationships that remain untended, unresolved money issues or poor health issues that you have denied yourself to resolve. Getting clear of these unresolved matters, will simplify, lift you up and propel you forward to the life of your dreams.

Thought Starters…

Perhaps there has been an integrity matter in your experience that wasn’t in alignment with your values.  Maybe you have a past circumstance where a relationship ended without closure and resolution or an argument that resulted in an alienated friendship. Whatever the past issue might be, one of the ways to strengthen your foundation placing you on firmer ground is to resolve it. When you get the past out of the way, you can clearly see the path to fulfilling the life you desire.

Past circumstances in your life can show up in so many ways, including how you react and respond to people and to yourself. Your subconscious mind acts like a tape recorder. It records everything you have ever experienced, every conversation both the kind and unkind things that people have said to you.

Your belief system and values are based on all that you have learned from parent’s, teachers, peers and family, anyone who has ever had any influence on your life. When  you hold onto the negative emotions surrounding the negative experiences, it can impede your progress.

Sometimes we hold onto unresolved matters, or negative situations because they serve us in some way. Ask yourself “How is holding on to  these unresolved matters adding to my life”? Yes even negative unresolved matters can juice us. We can be in a negative comfort zones.   When you take a look at the process of resolving the past, then recognizing it for what it clearly is… the past, you move quickly into the present.


Forgiving others for their past mistakes is part of getting clear. I’m not talking about major childhood trauma, or physical or deep mental wounds, those would be taken care of  best by a licensed counselor. What I”m talking about is things like, the grudge  you are holding on to against an employer who fired you, the friend who gossiped about you, the family member who borrowed money and never paid it back, you get the idea.

Now turn it around and forgive yourself; you who have fired someone unjustly, you who have gossiped about the friend, or you who have borrowed money and never paid it back. To forgive, you must first forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made. When you forgive yourself first, you are able to forgive others. When I reference forgiveness, I say to forgive, but don’t forget. There are lessons to be learned and to be reflected upon. Do forgive…

The Clean Sweep® Self Assessment

There are many techniques to use in getting clear of the past and resolving unfinished business. A tool that I use in my coaching practice is “Clean Sweep”. The Clean Sweep is a self assessment that looks at 4 areas of your life. It asks 25 questions per area that come from years of research in the coaching field . The assessment covers just about any one’s unresolved matters. If you see any that are missing you can add your own.

Each section provides a score and when added together give you a life score. Additionally the assessment  provides a way to track your progress, providing a chart to shade in your current score and room to shade in the additional areas, once you’ve resolved them.

Make the Clean Sweep® Assessment Fun

What’s amazing about completing the chart is you get an instant snapshot of the four areas of your life . The chart shows you a visual map of the areas that  might be a place of focus. You can complete the “Clean Sweep” program on your own, but working with a coach can help you plan strategy assist in resolving the past that you may not see objectively. You might also partner with a friend to have a competition of sorts, to improve your score by setting time benchmarks.

Getting Clear of the Past will liberate you from the ball & chain feeling you may sometimes carry.

You can obtain a free copy by requesting it from this website on the assessment page. An assessment and instructions will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.


1. Take the Clean Sweep® Assessment (in pencil)

2. Look at your score and chart the results. Choose one of the four areas that you see need attention first and that you can accomplish quickly, in a week to 10 days

3.Continue working the Clean Sweep, moving through the sections to increase your score. It could take 6 months to 1 year to increase your score to the optimum 95.

4. Make it fun. Find an accountability partner that you can compete with to increase your scores or hire a coach to hold you accountable and to help you plan a strategy.


As a coach I am committed to assisting  people live the life they desire. I currently have an opening for a new discoverer who desires and is willing to move quickly toward their goals. You can contact me by phone or email, information is on the contact page of this website.

Subscribers of this newsletter as a bonus for your commitment, receive a 1-hour complimentary coaching session, in person if local or via phone.

Till next week…

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