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How to get rid of your to do list

A Path to your freedom

A Path to your freedom

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company’s Newsletter

The newsletter was delayed this week due to the 4th of July holiday. I hope yours was fantastic. As you celebrate freedom, this week’s topic is about that subject, freedom from your “to- do list”.

Is it possible to get rid of your to-do list?

The answer is yes, but it takes a little effort. Do you ever get completely through a to-do list, or does it continually keep expanding? Agreeably a to-do list is useful and helpful for work related issues, but your personal life does not need to revolve around a list of to-dos.

The task here is to eliminate your personal to-do list. You are probably thinking, in today’s world how could I possibly stop using a personal to-do list, in a world of black berry’s and day timers?

Today’s newsletter will reveal some helpful tips and suggestions to eliminate that ever growing list. The end result is to craft systems that handle these lists and then eliminate them forever.

Automate & think systems

For birthdays, dinners and social events, doctor visits, your children’s activities and the like, you want to automate. You can use a wall calendar, a birthday book, or your computer that sets reminders and emails you or calls you prior to important dates.

There are many inexpensive services that have been recently created, such as Send out Cards, an automated service that sends birthday greetings and more at a fraction of the cost of retail.

Outlook and many email systems offer calendars that when set, send you reminders of important appointments, meetings and offers task reminders.

When you think of something that you have to do, stop and ask yourself why you have to do it. Maybe you really don’t. Sometimes it involves picking something up, making a call, or doing a task, all of which can potentially be handled a different way, such as delegating.

Instead of waiting until a birthday or other special occasion is upon you, purchasing birthday cards and presents in batches, perhaps three times a year for the coming three months.

Online banking, automatic bill payment, locating a dry cleaner that delivers and picks up (they exist) are just some other list eliminating ideas.

Some of you may feel hiring someone to run errands; make calls and other tasks may not be in your financial grasp. If this is the case then you are under-earning. Use some of the time you will save in doing the personal errands to better your skills, job, pay and your life.

The best way to toss out your to-do list is to start living without it. Much of what you have on your list is great and ambitious stuff, but it runs you. You have come to rely on the list of to-dos. It’s far easier to set a system in place that you design than to allow for an ever-expanding list of demands that you have created.

Realize that to eliminate your to-do list may require some creativity. Eventually you will settle into a system that works for you without list making.


~ Take a few moments to think through how you usually accomplish the tasks on your to do list. Use your creativity and consider how can you do things differently?

~Write down some innovative ways you can toss the list and still do all you need to do, but without the burden

~Follow your new systems, and be flexible in using trial and error. Be willing to tweak your system when necessary.

~Systems once in place, work themselves. Think systems when creating a list free handling of your personal list of to-do’s.

Reward yourself and track your progress.

______I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to do list for 1 day

______ I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to do list for 1 week

_______ I have successfully accomplished needed tasks without a to-do list for 1 month.

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