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The Who of You

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Today we explore one of the fundamental personal foundations programs; the “who” of you. The focus in this newsletter will be on the component of “who”, to develop a stable core which is rooted in the personality of you. The” who” is continually growing and changing. The “who of you” is what others see as well.

Happiness is just being me

Happiness is just being me

The Who of You

The “who” part of you is understood as the real you, the core of who you are in reality, not in presentation of the “what”. The “who” often drives the “what”, but isn’t always consistent with it. The goal is to accomplish bringing the “who of you, “the what of you” and finally “the how” into alignment

As you move through personal development work, the “who “of you can grow and change along with that growth the personality is bound to change with it. All shifts and solutions begin with the “who”.

Restoring your integrity

Lesson one of eight parts of the”Who” begins with integrity. In your life integrity refers to your personal life system and whether it works easily and effortlessly or with struggle and strife. Without enough integrity we spend much of our time propping ourselves up.

When you are in integrity your life has fewer problems. You consistently carry with you a feeling of peace and well-being. You react to others very little, and decisions and choices are clear.

When you are out of integrity your life may look as if things are overwhelming. Disturbances are often occurring in your life. You may revert to blaming and criticizing others. You may be reacting rather than responding to others, and decisions and choices are fuzzy and unclear.

Begin by questioning…

How do I define integrity?  What area of my life is in integrity?

In what way is it not? How much integrity do I need?

Have my integrity changes over the last five years?

What happens if I don’t get enough integrity?

What happens when I do?

Consider this….

Being in integrity is a choice. It’s not necessarily about morals but about having the right amount of wholeness in your life. It’s not about comparing yourself to others, but about what is comfortable for you.

Integrity is restoring wholeness so that all the pieces of your life fit together easily and allow you to be the real you, the “who” of you.

Integrity is about how well your actions align with your core values and represent your purpose. You define your own integrity by developing the fit between your calling and your conduct.

Integrity isn’t about a state of living but a reflection of who you are in any moment and the dynamic relationship you maintain between your purpose and your path.

Integrity strives for these conditions to be present:

  • No unresolved matters

  • Alignment between actions and core values

  • Responsibility

Action Plan -5 steps

-Make a list of 10 ways you are not in integrity

-Get to the source of each and every item; resolve fully.

– Be committed to start living in integrity as you see it.

-Let go of at least 10 “should, coulds’, woulds’, ought, wills”

-Involve a coach or a strong able person to support you

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