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How to Eliminate Time Wasters

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How to Eliminate Time Wasters

“Summertime and the living is easy,” you may recognize these lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Porgy & Bess. I hope you are living easy. This week’s topic begins with one way to begin to live easier. As you simplify and strengthen your personal foundation, life does become easier.

I think you might agree that all of us receive the same allotment of time each day. None of us can claim we have more time than another. Time is fairly distributed. Albert Einstein wrote:  “Time was created so that everything doesn’t happen at once”. How we choose to spend our time is the determining factor on whether we live in a balanced or imbalanced way.

When you are thinking about time wasters, you may wish to take a good long look at all the things you have identified as goals, projects, commitments, relationships and desires. Taking a look at these goals and desires can help you to determine if they may be outdated, burdensome or no longer pay-off in anyway.

Yes, even those things you think you want, without closer examination can strain and drain you. The things you hang on to sometimes produce the opposite effect and become energy drains, masquerading as needs, goals and desires.

For example when identifying time wasters, take a look at outdated commitments such as continuing to volunteer for a cause when your original intention was to gain more business, might be one time waster worthy of eliminating. Especially if the commitment hasn’t produced the desired result.

Another example might be taking stock of the things you are working too hard at and re-examining the pay-off. If it the return isn’t there, you may wish to ask yourself why you would want to hang on to that goal, project or relationship?

By identifying and then eliminating those things that are just wasting your time and have no direct benefit to you, your life, your vision or your spirit; the pay off will be the freeing up of the space. Which will allow you to attract the things that when accessed will easily come to you. The attraction principle, can then operate fully.

Time wasters weigh you down. It’s difficult to fit in any new idea, new relationships business or otherwise in a life that you proclaim is too busy. The attraction principle works both ways, if you say you are too busy the universal law believes that you are too busy and thus you receive what you ask for. If your mindset is thinking that every single goal, commitment, relationship should be hard work, then it will be.

Instead simplify and create space to attract the things you really want. When you keep time wasters and a too full life, the attraction principle can’t work, there is no place in your life to put something new into it.

To be able to implement the elimination of time wasters, you must first identify them along with a solution. Creating a table like the one below may assist in clearly defining and then solving your time drains or time wasters.

Time Waster/Time Drain


Weekly Grocery Shopping

Shopping Monthly or Quarterly

A business networking group that isn’t bringing me any business

Survey my colleagues in my field for input on best way to obtain referrals. Quit my current networking group

Action Plan for Eliminating Time Wasters

1. Identify all the things you continue to hang on to that aren’t working, take up too much time and are not producing a pay-off.

2. List at least 12 time wasters, then determine a solution

3. Implement it now and free up your time to allow the attraction principle to move into the newly created free space.

4. Review the thought starters below to get your thoughts moving in the direction of elimination.

Thought Starters:

  • Hire a personal trainer to assist in weight or fitness goals

  • Partner with a committed friend to meet fitness goals

Seek support for any addictions

  • Hire or barter to get your home, business organized

  • Eliminate the goals that make you say “I should”


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