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Becoming Need- less

Needs are what gives you fuel.

As a human being you are fueled by energy . The energy that fuels you can either come from healthy or unhealthy sources. Some examples of healthy sources of energy include; love, interactions with other healthy people, and even a higher power. Examples of unhealthy energy could include adrenaline (always waiting to the last moment), suffering and unmet needs.

Imagine your unhealthy needs as a vehicle puffing thick black smoke. The smoke is thick and black and pollutes the air that you breathe. Compare this to a sleek, highly efficient vehicle that burns  clean and is a vehicle consequence free which runs on solar power.

What do you need?

Sometimes we have difficulty identifying what are needs truly are. Needs can make you make mistakes, poor decisions enter relationships with other people that may or may not serve us in a healthy manner. When left unmet, needs can drive us to do things that we may not really want in pursuit of getting that need met.

The benefits of getting your needs met are helpful to you because you can now stop trying or pursue them. When you have your needs met your life can focus on your values and passions. Essentially you free up time and stop running in circles.

Here are a few steps that can assist in the process of getting your needs met. The following represents the teachings and suggestions from my trainers at Coach U, Inc.:

1. Identify as many needs as possible.

2. Ask a trusted friend what they see as your greatest needs. This is powerful and enlightening.

3. Identify you top 4 or 5 needs.

4. Know that needs can be fully satisfied or eliminated as a need.

5. Be selfish , think of it as a Selfish Automatic Sprinkler System.

6. Be prepared to educate others about your needs, especially if they are involved in satisfying those needs.

7. Understand the difference between neediness and needs satisfaction.

9. Other people cannot be responsible for meeting your needs.

10. Understand the difference between needs and fantasies, wants, desires and goals.

11. Learn to simplify and be satisfied with the perfect wholeness of the present.

Need-less tip: Once you choose a need from your list of needs ask yourself; is this need is a must for me to be my best? Tell the truth about what you actually need.

Ask and think about…

  • Do I understand the concept of needs and the driving force behind them?

  • What needs do I have in my life right now?

  • Have I explored the effects in my life of not getting my needs met, looking at the choices and decisions I have made or chosen not to make?

  • Am I clear or unclear as to how to meet my needs in a manner that actually begins to satisfy them?

Yes, its possible to become need-less. Part two of this topic will be posted next week. If you want to receive back issues, please send me an email and I will be happy to send them to you. Next week we will cover satisfying one Big need in the next thirty days.

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