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Personal Foundation Work – Tolerations


Assisting with the ability to live to your fullest potential!

This week’s focus is on the groundwork of you.  It’s about a process of looking at the things that are getting in your way of living the life you truly deserve and want. It’s about creating a new mindset that will greatly benefit you, your work, and your relationship with yourself and others. This week we start with your Personal Foundation, which is the very core of you.

Building a strong Personal Foundation starts with defining it.

So, what is a personal foundation?

Your foundation consists of your values, beliefs, your code of ethics, how you view the world, your perception of others and of yourself.

When there are cracks in the foundation of any structure, it is difficult to build walls. You might make some progress, only to find that the walls start to crumble.

By looking at your personal foundation you can begin the process of repairing the cracks and build a sustainable structure.  When you have a strong foundation you are working from solid ground.  If you could think of  strengthening your foundation  as an investment with a pay-off  that earns you huge rewards.

So how do you know if you might be experiencing weak walls or cracks?

  • When your life is oriented around other people’s values instead of your own

  • When you allow others to drain your energy

  • When you put up with  things and tolerate situations that drain your time and energy

  • When you have personal needs that aren’t being met

  • When you have allowed others to cross into your personal space because of a lack of boundaries

  • When you put others self care before your own

  • When you aren’t clear of the past

  • When you lower your standards

  • When everything is complicated

By strengthening your personal foundation, you will create a firmer ground as you move through the journey of your life.

Your pay-off :

Your priorities will change.

  • You will weed out draining relationships.

  • You will build better relationships and attract the kind of personal and business relationships you want and benefit from.

  • You will have more energy.

  • You will expect more of others and of yourself.

  • Life will be simplified and less stressed.

Each weekly newsletter will  include an action that you can use to strengthen your personal foundation.

Action Step No. 1.

List your Top Tolerations’

A free guide to help you get started is available by visiting on the assessment page.

There is no charge for this assessment. It can assist you in developing your list, you may find your own among the 200 listed there.

Or you can simply start making your list on a piece of paper.

Take your time and be thorough. Your toleration’s can be as simple as loose door knobs, coffee stains on your desk, or chipped paint. It might also be much larger such as disruptions, people not respecting your time and space. Don’t leave anything out.

Next week, I will offer a framework for beginning to handle the toleration’s on your list.  Start thinking now, how you will hold yourself accountable for beginning to create a toleration free zone.

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Have a swell week!

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

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