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Get your one big need met in 30 days

Welcome to Freedom Life Coaching Company Newsletter

How to Identify & Satisfy

Your One Big Need in the Next 30 Days

As explained in the last newsletter posted, when you get your needs met you are happier, you attract positive people and opportunities instead of repelling them. This newsletter will focus on satisfying your one big need  in the next thirty days… becoming need-less.

Three steps to consider…

1. Reduce the need for the need. Having a  strong personal foundation, which has been the focus for the past several weekly  newsletter, will upgrade your life and systems so you need less of everything. Continue to work on the action steps that have been provided in the past newsletters to continue to upgrade your personal foundation while identifying you one big need.

2. Expose your need and set up an automatic system to get your need met. An automatic satisfaction system or ASS (I love that acronym) occurs without having to recreated it every time.  When you shamelessly ask for all that you need, you created the solution and the need itself diminishes, because you are exposing it.  You are including others in the exposing of the need and they become your support or partner in knowing exactly what you need. It’s no longer hidden but out in the open. This alone supports fixing your need, simply by bringing it out in the open. It’s difficult to get a secret need met.

3. a) If your need involves others, family, friends, co-workers and in getting your need met requires others to respond or react differently to you or your situation; you must admit your need and have a direct conversation about your specific need. Most people are very willing to meet your needs if you’re direct and responsible about it. It’s the covert or unconscious behavior that turns people off. Present your need in such a way that is is a strong request. An example of a strong request may sound something like this: ” I need time each day to myself, how can you support me in getting this time each day?”

3 b) If you have a need that depends solely on the actions, reactions and attitudes of others, you may need to review the need and discover alternative ways of meeting it. Do not depend on others solely to meet your needs. You find the system that will satisfy them by asking “what is would take for your full cooperation?”

Action Plan

1) Pick or identify the one need that would have the greatest impact for you if it became something you need-less of.

2) Remember, if your need involves others, automate, expose and make strong requests. Arrange to have a direct conversation.

3.) If you are having trouble identifying a need, ask a trusted family member or friend to tell you what it is that they thin you need most. Asking an observer who sees you and your time and energy drains can be very enlightening and provide a great way to begin to become need-less.

Please respond…

Your response and questions are always welcome. You may reply in the comment/ reply area at the bottom of this newsletter. You may also send me an email if you have questions . My contact information is available by visiting the contact page on this website.

Next week…

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