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A ceremony for discarding the old up in smoke

I am sharing a very powerful seven year long New Years Eve tradition with you my friends for the passing of  2010 and the welcoming of 2011.  If there is one thing you can do for yourself at the close of this year it is to discard the old stuff that you care not to have repeated in the new year.  Once participating in this ceremony hosted by my church, I was addicted to its very positive results.

If you are local, the church is Renaissance Unity located in Warren, Michigan and the burning bowl service starts at 5:00 PM on New Years Eve with plenty of time left for fun and merriment. If you aren’t local you can host your own ceremony at home.

How to participate in your own burning bowl service.

Everyone of us has something that we care not to have revisit us again. What are yours *somethings* ?  It might be thoughts of lack, actual lack, limitations and lack of any sort.  Perhaps you wish to discard poor health, poor relationships, unhealthy habits, poor attitudes, laziness, fear.  The list could be endless.  In fact you might want your list to be very long so you can be released from these under serving aspects of your life from the prior year.

Write your list with a few words about what you want to release.  Not a novel but the best words to describe what it is.  The words you use are those that you wish to release yourself from in the coming year.  It’s great if you can find flash paper but if you can not a simple piece of paper will do. Once you have completed your list find a safe place to set it on fire. That’s right, burn the list.  I stress burn it safely.  I suggest  that you go outside if you’ve no fireplace and get help from an adult if you are a child.

Let the words you’ve written and all that they signify vanish into the flames and return to wherever they came from.  As they burn and release from you and your  present life condition —allow it to be gone!

Know that it is gone  from your life. You will feel it… I promise.

The next step to this ceremony is my favorite. You will take a fresh piece of paper and on it you will write in “present tense” all that you wish to have happen for you in 2011 as if you’ve already received it.

I start my letter off with Dear God, but certainly it can be to Dear Universe, Dear Creator or Dear Source of your good– what ever name you choose to give it, it matters not.  It is important to write the letter in present tense as if it is already the end of 2011 and you have received all that you desire to transpire in your life.  I use gratitude words such as:  “Thank you God for my continued peace and joy this year. I am happy and secure.  I am enjoying the rewards of a successfully published book that is transforming lives.”

You get the idea.  Be specific in your letter.

When you have completed your letter there are several options you can choose from.  The church has us address the envelope to ourselves and then seven months or so later  the church mails it back to us to check in with what we wrote.  It is amazing how accurate this intention setting is,  just seven months later. Your good is already created but sometimes we just don’t ask for it in the most effective way.

If you choose you can put your letter in an envelope and seal it.  You can give it to a friend to hold on to but some how you and/or your friend will need to make a note to look at it seven months later.  Know that all the words in your letter are on their way and let it happen, just know that you have asked it to be so and so it is.  You could also hide your letter somewhere, marking your calendar in seven months to retrieve it.  You could also put it in a safety deposit box for safe keeping.  I hope you will participate in this ceremony as I have witnessed the results first hand as well as in the lives of my children and others whom I have invited to participate whether through the burning bowl church service at Renaissance Unity and even on their own.

Wishing you all blessed holiday filled with joy, love, peace and abundance.

Its all there for your asking and  already created for your receiving.


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