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Does judgement of others attract social malfunction?

Everyone wants to be accepted; the basic truth of every being. Whether you are of a particular culture, a particular color or race or your beliefs are different from everyone else. Acceptance is our bottom line. How did we get to a place in our society where we place judgment on others who don’t act like us, talk like us or think like us. Could we be attracting the kind of social malfunction by our very thoughts about each other?

The first line of defense in any non acceptance situation by another being is indifference. That presents itself as “it doesn’t matter, that’s ok, and I don’t care” we say to ourselves. “I don’t need them to like me.” Then in turn comes their judgment in response “who are you to think you know what is right and what is wrong?”

As human beings we can accept the diversity of nature; snowflakes, leaves, animals, rocks, the terrain of a mountain. We never stand in judgment of nature. When was the last time you might have said “what is up with that snowflake? It’s different from the others.” Or comment even to yourself that a squirrel doesn’t look like a cat.

We reserve judgment and non acceptance for people not nature. Why? We are all God’s creations, individualized on purpose with a purpose, just like nature. How can we honor each others diversity and receive honor ourselves? What could we learn from that uniqueness coming from a position of non-judgment?

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