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Enthusiasm the key to happy living?

I wanted to share with you a quote that made me think about enthusiasm and what it is that we are really after in our lives.  The quote gave me an ah-ha moment, not because I thought otherwise, but because it really drove home a point that I may have lost sight of and think maybe many of you have lost sight of this too!  So here is the quote:

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

Charles Kingsley

This quote got me thinking about all the things I have been enthusiastic about in my life.  There are many.  From landing a job in my early twenties that I patiently waited (um well maybe not patiently) to hear if I was chosen for the position to much further back to kindergarten and winning the whole school’s hobby contest.

What I remember most is the “doing” part of each experience, not necessarily the actual experience.  Interviewing well for the job interview, following proper interviewing protocol by sending a thank you letter (with enthusiasm), following up multiple times, giving the proper amount of space between calls so as not to look to overly enthusiastic.

Another standout enthusiastic moment is when I ambitiously got an idea to produce and direct a play (Shakespeare) for the entire school at age 11.  I was so enthusiastic about the process from selling the idea to the teacher, then to the principal and gaining their approval to have the play performed in the gymnasium in front of the whole school.  The greatest enjoyment came from the selection of the actors (some arm twisting was involved) , scheduling the rehearsals, gaining volunteers for constructing the construction paper props as the budget to produce the play was zero.

What I distinctly remember is being enthusiastic about the production, practice and directing others and not necessarily the outcome . What I vaguely remember is the play itself turned out to be a little dry, most of my fifth grade peers couldn’t pronounce the words and due to that our audience couldn’t understand much at all.  These were some of the happiest memories of my life.

Which brings me to a revelation.  Are we all too hung up on getting to something and missing out on the enthusiasm of doing?  Where did our enthusiasm go from then to now and how do you get it back?  How can we retreat from arriving at luxury and comfort to becoming enthusiastic about the journey?

Revisiting the times of enthusiasm gave me a new perspective especially now in times of uncertainty.  I shared these thoughts with clients, family and friends and I received nods of agreement.  I invite you all to revisit enthusiasm and mentally list your happiest moments by recalling that lively feeling.  Were you most happy when you arrived at your destination or the adventure of getting there?  Retaining enthusiasm in all I do is my top goal for this year and beyond.

What are you enthusiastic about today?  How can you apply enthusiasm in your life to return to happier living?  Leave your comment to this blog by choosing the comment tag below.  I would be very interested in your input on this topic. Please feel free to share this information with others you feel would benefit.

I am seeking a new learner who is interested in getting back their enthusiasm for life.  If you or someone you know might benefit from personal coaching, please contact me Sue Birkam at by visiting the contact page.

Very enthusiastically yours!

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