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Four tools to overcoming fear

I have lived in a fearful state of being.  I have experience with job loss and the anxiety that it creates, health issues where there seemed to be no cure and general fear and worry about the unknown.  There was I time when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  In my fear filled days worried thoughts would begin the moment I awoke.  The “what if’s” would begin. The “what if this and what if that”, I call it the mind tornado.  Worried and fearful thoughts would take me into this dark whirlwind where I would stay day after day.

In order to overcome fear, you need to look at how you think.  Today, I would like to shift your thinking to come to a new awareness about fear and give you a few tools that work for me and client’s I have worked with.

First it helps to understand what fear is.  It’s the place we go in our mind that keeps us immobilized or stuck.  Fear begins with your thoughts, it’s an unpleasant feeling of apprehension caused by dwelling on something that hasn’t happened yet.  In a really insane way we think we can control the outcome of something by worrying or stressing about it.

When we live in fear, we are trying to avoid being in the present.  We either live in the past, by regretting or live in the future and stress about something that hasn’t yet transpired.  We consume ourselves with these thoughts providing us a place to be other than in the present,where we could take action and do some good.

No matter if you fear the worst and the best happens or fear the worst and you get your wish, all the energy you expended thinking in that fearful state really didn’t change the outcome.  What would it look like to spend your energy in the here and now, leaving the past or the future out of the equation to move yourself beyond fear?

Change your life motto: “If I overdo in the present, the future will take care of itself.”

No two thoughts can occupy the mind at the same time.  You can experiment with this by closing your eyes and thinking of something that you would dread or fear.  When you have that thought now ADD to that thought something that makes you happy or joyful.  Did you accomplish thinking two thoughts at once?

The point is you can’t think joyful and fearful at that same time and it shows you that you have a choice about what to think about.  So, you get to choose where your thoughts take you each day.  There are many tools to shift your thinking here are some tools that will help.

Tool #1 Don’t believe everything you think

Most people think that their thoughts are reality or truth, question your thoughts.  Fearful thoughts are very limiting in their structure.  Question,question everything you think about.  Is it reality right now?

Tool #2 Become aware about your thoughts

This tool is one of the primary tools.  Your awareness drives change.  Keep track of where your thoughts go first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  Become an observer of your own thoughts.

Tool #3 Refocus your attention to the present moment

Remember you can choose your thoughts.  If you feel the mind tornado starting to take over refocus your attention to the present moment.  This takes a conscious effort.  For me, if I feel the tornado gusts, I am aware and refocus by looking out the window at the tree in my yard and the squirrel running through it.  I taste my coffee and enjoy the flavor, coming back to the present and focus on the moment of doing.

Tool #4 Set your intention for the day.

Consciously work the plan you have for your day in each moment.  Set the tone for your day by writing some affirmations about the kind of day you intend to have.  Repeat your intention out loud until you believe it.  Starting your day with something inspirational also works well, playing your favorite music or just enjoying the silence of your morning (without any fearful thoughts).  Turn off the news and stop reading the newspaper.

If you practice these everyday you will shift the energy from one of fear to one of peace.  You will create the thoughts and actions that serve your best interest. You have a choice.  When you spring to action in the present, the future takes care of itself.

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Sue Birkam

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