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Is it your time to redefine?

chicago-6Is it your time to redefine?

I’ve been thinking about the bigger picture as it relates to our current economic situation. When I think about money, I think about who created it in the first place. I started thinking about this life as a dream, and money as an illusion of that dream.

So if money is an illusion, then how could we change the way we think about it?  My thoughts take me to the universe or our creator.  Whatever your thoughts about the universe or our creator are, could you consider this time be our opportunity to redefine what is truly abundant in our lives.

Yes, I do think of this as an opportunity.  Perhaps our current economic situation is perfect and what is needed to bring balance back into our lives, providing us with an opportunity to define ourselves in a new way.

For each one of us abundance means something different.  For some it could be the eternal search for external things we can have, own and buy.  Maybe we’ve become really attached to those things and are on a quest for more. Always searching for that moment in our lives that tells us we have arrived.

Once we get there, to the mountain top of arriving, do we begin to look for the next set of things that will tell us we have arrived.  Do we tell ourselves when we have this or that, I can say I’m there?  Where is there, and what does that look like?

If money is an illusion, aren’t the external things we think we need to have, an illusion as well.  For some of us we are truly abundant when we are grateful for our friends, family and children and our lives are full of purpose.  For others abundance is defined as living to others expectations instead of our own.

Things have been out of  balance for years leading up to now.  We’ve over worked, over sacrificed and over spent. Consider the possibility that this moment is perfect to force us to redefine what it truly means to be abundant.  Making us all  take a look at what we are attached to and why, how it has served us to this point and how might we proceed differently.  I liken it to being hit on the head with a proverbial 2 x 4.

Some of us ignored the intuition, that inner voice that nagged within us telling us we don’t need that extra big screen TV or those additional $300.00 handbags.  So what do we do now, with this marvelous opportunity to redefine our lives?

Maybe it’s time to look at our values, become creative thinkers, uncover lost passions and align them with purpose. Take a transformational approach allowing for the redefinition of what is truly meant by being abundant. Redefine your life for greater satisfaction.  Listen to your inner voice or intuition, there is a clear message being given, we just need to hear it.

Your comments and insight are welcome here.  Leave your ideas on this subject by going to the comment area on this website. If you feel someone you know would benefit from this information, please share.  I have an opening for a new learner. Someone would like to redefine abundance and align passion with purpose to arrive at their mountain top. Contact me via the toll free number on the contact page at, via email at .

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