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“Sue Birkam has such a positive energy, intuitive spirit, and giving nature that it is impossible to not learn big from her. I highly recommend hiring Sue as your coach!!!”

Patty G.


“I did my very first coaching session ever with Sue and it was unbelievable what just 1 hour did. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my sessions bring me.”

Bridget G.

Clinton Township,

“This is in regards to the the Life Coaching that was given to me by Sue Birkam. Life lessons learned was to attract positive things and focus on obstacles that I needed to over come. Sue life coached me for 5 months. What I gained from this experience is to obtain goals, positive outlook, love yourself, and to take each day as it comes. I work on these every day and have a more positive outlook on life. I would highly recommend Sue Birkam for Life Coaching. Thanks for your support in getting my life on track.”

Robyn Demuynck

Mt. Clemens,

“I have been life coaching with Sue Birkam for several months. During that time I have made several changes in my life, lifestyle and way of thinking and acting. Those changes have been beneficial. Through coaching I have been able to organize my personal papers and financial matters. I have made great strides in reducing debt and on my way to building personal savings. I have also developed techniques at reducing various points of stress in my life. I have implemented a reward system and also an action/consequence plan with my children. From this plan even my children seem to be happier and more content. I have also been able to work on personal and relationship problems. I have lost weight and have been able to maintain an exercise and diet program. I have se several short and long term goals and am setting up actions now to attain goals. Life coaching with Sue has been very positive and rewarding in both my personal and professional life.”

Sara S.

Harrison Township,

“My Coach, Sue Birkam, has been a valuable ally in helping me move forward and progress while using her knowledge on coaching. Initially I was a bit hesitant when starting this process, but have come to enjoy the time spent on moving past all the things that do hold me back.
Since I’ve started, I have made some noticeable changes in the things I do and the way I think. Sue has given me examples of ways of handling situations and pointing out issues that would drag me down. Some examples of those are:

I use to have no boundaries with people that were close to me. Now, I’ve started setting small boundaries for people. If I really don’t want to do something, I don’t offer.

I am working on my personal foundation and have come up with a list of things that I’m tolerating and am working on these items.

I’ve been mostly working on my clean sweep. Sue has helped me tremendously with recognizing different angels on things myself, without coming out and telling me directly. Points out ways of accomplishing tasks so I don’t feel as overwhelmed and over committed. I am relieved to see that I am making progress with my cleansweep. One of the cleansweep items was to exercise. I am proud to say that I am up to 8 miles a week, walking. I feel great.

One thing I notice if a week goes by and I don’t make my appointment for some reason; I seem to have a stressful week ahead. Once I have my appointment with my coach, I walk away from my session more focused, knowing that I am heading down the right path.

I look forward to working with Sue Birkam on attaining all of my ideals that I would like to live my life by.”

Pamela A Bryant


“I did not have the first clue as to what Life Coaching really meant. I’m glad I had no preconceived ideas as Sue went above and beyond any expectation I could have had!
I would say to anyone with: a task they can’t seem to accomplish, a relationship that needs mending, or any issue they can’t seem to resolve-do it now! Today! Sue helped me repair relationships, find a job I really love and unburden myself from mental and physical clutter! I can’t recommend it enough!”

Michele Pierce, 41

Saint Clair Shores,

“I had some trouble getting my affairs in order and was very scatter- brained when it came to organizing my work and play time, Sue’s life coaching techniques and her sound advice helped me to help myself get my ducks in a row. Now I don’t waste time being frustrated with the mundane and am more focus driven in completing my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. In addition, my negative attitude when things weren’t going as smoothly as they could be was also a point of coaching. Together we looked at options for changing the negativity pattern of thinking that has always plagued my life. As a result of this new attitude I am attracting more positive situations as well as work that is aligned with my talents.
Thanks Sue!”

Brian G., 29

Mt. Clemens,

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